Live Saturday October 11th

Some things in life just keep giving year after year. In the rock n’ roll world, it is the music of AC/DC. From the early days with Bon Scott to the modern era with Brian Johnson, AC/DC delivers the goods. Pure and simple.

AC/DC fans can celebrate because TNT pays tribute to the Aussie heavy weights of rock n’ roll. Based in Los Angeles, TNT delivers an amazing replication of the AC/DC concert experience from both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson periods. Fronted by Vaughn Bon-Johnson on vocals and Neill Nyssen on lead guitar, TNT presents a chronological look into the music of AC/DC. Because of the monumental nature of AC/DC vocals and guitar work, this is a rare and impressive accomplishment.

TNT has performed for hundreds of thousands of AC/DC fans over the past 5 years. TNT performs the hits from both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras while guiding audiences through an unforgettable AC/DC experience. The band is professional in their respect for the music and their performance. CBS Los Angeles has declared TNT “one of the best you’ll find.” “TNT nails the sound and the energy of an AC/DC performance.” KCAL 96.7 FM called TNT, “The band that totally, completely kicks ass.” KMMT 106.5 FM, “TNT is one of the greatest AC/DC tribute bands to ever walk the face of the planet”.

From California to Wisconsin to Arizona, TNT has been performing audience friendly shows to packed houses at premier venues throughout the United States. Please visit the TNT Video Page to view clips from recent House of Blues performances as well as the TNT Audio Page for an audio sample from the Voltage Overload 2 release.

Media appearances include:

Television: KCAL Los Angeles, Channel 9 – TNT is featured on St. Patrick’s Day news coverage.

Lion Television – Scotland: Drumming Feature

WE Television– CELEB-rations events

“Juke Box Heroes” television pilot – TNT is a featured talent.

Radio: Interviews appearing on major and small market broadcast stations as well as internet based stations.




Friday October 7th

  • AC/DC Tribute band- “TNT” (9pm start time)

Saturday October 8th

  • Motley Crue tribute band- “Fast For Love” (9pm start time)

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